About us

BidBookorBuy is a site that is being developed to try and make things a little less stressful for sellers and buyers. Having used many similar and known auction sites for many years ourselves, we understand how hard and frustrating it can be to try and make a success story for your business. For many years we too struggled to make a good business but were always met with the same problems time and time again. Although becoming Top rated sellers the truth was the only people actually benefiting were the auction site owners. Every month we would work many hours and serve our customers well, but at the end of it all we were left with very little for ourselves due to all the costs and fees.

Does this sound like you ?


We are hoping to try and change that a little bit.

BidBookorBuy.s   idea is to keep everything as simple and straight forward as possible.


After an initial 3 month fee period the will be one simple low cost fee. No charges for add ons , no final value fees and certainly no sneaky clever underhand accounting.

We want customers to still be able to get great bargains but we would also like to see our sellers make themselves a profit as well. Without all the outrageous fees charged by most sites this will in turn make better deals for the customers.

We understand the needs of the sellers, we’ve been there ourselves.

We are not promising to be the Next big thing and we can’t guarantee this will all happen overnight.

What we can promise you is we will keep everything as plain, simple and straight forward as possible. We will advertise as far and wide as our budget will allow. Money invested into our site will be re-invested back into the site for things like further developments, more advertising.

This is why there will be a free period until the site is established. So really you have nothing to lose by trying us out.

What you get:

3 months completely free of site fees for all sellers.

No final value fees

No joining fee

Legitimate and recognised trusted payment gateways making it safe for buyers and sellers

Auction or Classified option.

Accessibility on computers, phones and tablets

Being in control of your sales or purchases

We are just a handful of people who have invested in technicians and designers to try and give it a go and make a difference.

Are you fed up with high costs and being dictated how to sell and where to sell ?

Come and join us and take back control .